1. Can you paint my dog?

Yes, I'd be happy to. I portray any kind of dog. Your dog is my passion.


2. How does it work?

It's very simple. E-mail me your favourite photographs of your dog, preferably non-blurry, taken in natural light, and without the use of a flash. A facial close-up helps me to capture the unique expression, which is so important for successful portraits.


3. Do I choose a theme?

Think about what kind of portrait you would like. Do you prefer a simple representation of your dog, or something with a distinct theme? Do you have favourite colors, hobbies or other things you would like to be incorporated? Just let me know, and together we'll find a solution that will please you. If you opt for, and have chosen a theme, I will draw a sketch for you first. Once you like the sketch, and give me the go ahead, I'll get to work.


4. What materials do you use?

I usually work with acrylic on canvas. All materials are high quality and will ensure the longevity of your painting. 


5. Where do you ship to?

I ship worldwide. Shipping fees are determined by size of the painting and destination. When size and destination is known, price for shipping will be listed in your individual quote.   


6. What does it cost?

The price depends on the size and complexity of the painting. I can send you my general price list, which applies for one dog per painting. However, it is easier to get your individual quote today. 


7. How do I pay?

I will accept Paypal or bank transfer. The balance is due once you have viewed and approved an emailed preview of the painting. 


8. Can you paint more than one dog in one painting?

I'm happy to paint any number of dog in one painting. However, my general price list applies for one dog per painting and prices will vary depending on the complexity of the painting. Another option you can consider, which customers frequently choose is, to get several paintings the same size. Then you can choose to hang them together as one big painting or individual paintings. 


9. Can you design my logo?

I'm always happy to collaborate on interesting projects. However, I am a traditional artist working with paper and canvas. So, should you desire a logo, I can make you a sketch, but for digitization you have to work together with a graphic designer. If you wish to use my art work for mass production, please make this clear from the beginning. 


10. Do you design Tattoos?

Commercial Use.