Let me tell you a story


There was once a boy called Jeroen

Born into a Dutch family of artists and design enthusiasts in 1977 my interest in art was awakened early in life. One of my earliest memories from childhood is, one might say, in itself like a classical painting. I remember us children in my grandfather's studio, sitting on his lap or experimenting with colors and canvas, the air filled with heavy oil paint and thick cigar smoke; we had the time of our lives.


Drawn to Drawing

Early on I developed a big love for comic books. Many kids do, but I remember I didn't stop drawing; everywhere and anytime. I filled my school books page for page with doodles, sometimes more than actual homework. By the end of high school drawing was still such a big part of my life, that it was easy for me to decide what I wanted to do. So I took two big steps: Firstly,i n 1999 I moved to London, England, and secondly, I enrolled at Camberwell College of Arts, which I then graduated in 2002. I really liked it there, so after graduation I stayed in London and worked as a freelance illustrator. One year later I even published my first book The Postman, with Pocko Editions.

2007 saw another big change. Stil in London I met a french women and we decided to move to Paris. Living inside this pulsing creative atmosphere that is Pais, I published my second book "Draw me a Terrorist", which later won me a bronze Award with DDC (German Designer Club). But Paris had still something in store for me, something more was about to come.


A Man and his Muse

Right there in the streets of Paris, my life was changed forever, when one day, in a unremarkable pet shop window, I spotted a little French Bulldog, or rather he spotted me! The moment I moved towards the window his little paws went up and seemed to greet me. First I thought that he was just naturally friendly with everybody, but spending a little time there watching others adoring this little dog, I quickly realized he were showing them the cold shoulder. So I knew there was something special between us. I was jus like meeting an old friend. Although thinking about this little dog, I walked on. But I did not get very far and I realized my mistake: I know he had to go home with me. Fearing someone else might have bought him, I ran back to the pet shop and got there right before they closed; and here he was. One thing I hadn't realized in my desire to have this new friend: he came with a rather steep price tag, much more then what I actually had. But I did it anyway, streching the amount over three credit cards. I called him Mr. Big, and he became my muse. I would draw him over and over again - "The Dog Painter" was born.

the dog painter with mr big

Up till Now

In 2009 Mr. Big and me set up our new little studio in Berlin, Germany. I continued my journey being the dog painter, what oddly enough already began in the streets of Paris, where friends and sometimes complete strangers asked me to draw their dog. Something else exiting happened, this time concerning not the dog painter, but Mr. Big. In this brilliant, vibrant city, that is Berlin, he got discovered by a TV producer. Although he has zero formal training, his talent got recognized. Eventually we had three amazing years, as he hosted the show: Mr. Big and the Stars. Mr. Big would interview celebrities, and he and I met many fantastic people. Today, Mr. Big is an older gentlemen and retired now, but he still watches me paint from his sofa. A large body of my work has been produced in Berlin and thanks to the inspiration of my four legged friends. In 2013 Mr. Big got a sister, named Lilly, an elegant Podengo lady I rescued from a Spanish death kennel. She completes our little gang and she to has been a big inspiration. This was just a tiny view into my life. To keep up with me, I invite you to follow me on my social media channels.


Jeroen Teunen